Your partner for cutting and joining frames

For over 40 years our experience in the production of machines for cutting
and the joining of frames is at the service of Italian customers...

Our Products

Complete range of:

V-cutting miter saw with relevant accessories

Nailing-gluing machines able to solve all the needs of:

furniture - door and window manufacturers

Picture framers

Woodworkers producing different applications where frames are required

Our Services

Experienced Export sales offices able to assist the customers from the order to the delivery.

Dedicated workshhop for:

Functional operating tests before deliveries

Technical assistance

Modifications on request

Reconditioning and updating to the safety norms

1.000 sq. mts Wharehouse  with complete stock of machines, spare parts and nails for prompt delivery.

Brevetti Motta

Miter Saw

Brevetti Motta

Joining Machines

Brevetti Motta


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